Planning For a Personal Chef & Other Services

The information below will give you a reasonable idea of how the service can work to meet your needs for In Home Cooking with a Private Chef.

Food Cost
This is determined by the shopping list and by the clients menu choices. The receipts are totaled and billed to the client on a bi-monthly basis, along with the total hours spent in this service.

The Rate for a Private Chef
Food preparation done on-site and off-site, menu planning, shopping, delivery, and if it is to be heated and served for the client, as well as any cleanup time that may be requested. This is a service that can be tailored to your particular needs and pricing will be discussed when you call.

Menu Planning
This will always be done with a creative, fresh and seasonal approach to planning your meals. Menu choices also keep in mind your lifestyle and dietary concerns, with a wide range of children's menus to select from, as well.

How do we start
A complimentary interview will be set up to discuss what you would like to see served at the table on a daily, weekly or temporary basis.

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